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Honda Civic Battery Not Charging

Honda civic battery not charging - Discussion Starter 1 Feb 4 2014. Parm Premium Member. 44 miles a day is MORE than enough to keep a battery adequately charged provided youre not running every accesory and charging crap in every power. The headlight test is done outside while the vehicle is in park. Joined Apr 17 2008 28 Posts. Shes had her 2001 Civic since it was new has 14000 miles on it. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. ATurn OFF the ignition switch and connect a DMM set to measure. Ensure battery voltage is also present between WhiteGreen wire terminal and ground. When te car is on voltage goes 122 and gets lower and lower.

When I disconnect the postive terminal at the battery. I also checked the ELD and it was fine. Which is 124-126 when te car is off. Charging System and Battery Test Honda Civic. Operating normally but the battery discharges either while the engine is running or while the engine is off. The battery may not be holding charge. It could be anything from a factory defect alternator could be tested with the gr8 tester at your local honda dealership although you will have to pay if no warrantable concerns are found. If you drained your battery a few times because of a bad alternator it is possible to destroy the cells in the battery causing one or more of them to no longer hold a charge. Thinking of buying a battery charger. Never seen a battery do this before that was not defective which.

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You may need hours to get a discharged battery back up to sufficient starting CCA or a day or more to bring a moderately discharged battery up to full charge. Its not a software issue not allowing the car to charge. A couple weeks agothe incident repeated and the battery again tested fine but it wasnt charging unless the headlights were turned on and was diagnosed as having a. Testing the battery showed the battery was fine. Replacing the alternator at this point usually solves around 90 of the No Charge conditions on any 17L Honda Civic around the world. The headlight test is done outside while the vehicle is in park. Thinking of buying a battery charger. 2A is not a very high charging rate. Same situation with my MIL for reasons known only to her she will not drive for more than a few miles at a time not enough to keep the battery charged. Joined Apr 17 2008 28 Posts.