Listener Club

About Our Listeners Club

The Global24 Listeners’ Club is a free membership program designed to reward our most loyal listeners with promotional items,  free gear, giveaways, collectible QSL cards and much more.  This free program is open to listeners all over the world.

Here is what you will receive:

  • Lots of free stuff and opportunities to win great prizes
  • Each listener will receive a beautiful membership certificate.
  • Monthly member newsletter: “Riding the Shortwaves”
  • Discounts on items from select corporate sponsors
  • Access to our password protected Listeners Club
  • Annual awards for points leaders in each country

Our club is a points based system.  When you join the club, you will receive 10 points.  Beginning on December 1, 2014 points will be redeemable for all sorts of great free stuff – including clothing, radios, books and more…

Other points opportunities:

1) On-Air Quizzes – Each Wednesday at 0045 UTC we will air our “World Affairs Quiz”  – the quiz will also be available on the website at this time.  We will be awarding 30 points for the first listener to answer all questions correctly.  Each additional listener that answers all questions correctly will receive 5 points.   Finally, all quiz entrants will receive 1 point regardless of whether the questions were answered correctly.   Quiz entries should be sent to:

2) Like us on Facebook –  5 Points.

3) Like us on Twitter – 5 Points

4) Send us an Mail/Email of Fax Reception Report –  3 Points  (Limit 1 Per Week)

5) Send us a photo of you at your listening post (your equipment, antennas, etc. are all perfect!) – 3 Points  (Limit 1 Per Month)

6) Each week on our Mailbag program listen in for new points opportunities

7) Take our weekly listeners survey –  1 point (Limit 1 Per Week)

Join the Fun Now!

We will publish weekly standings of who are most loyal listeners are here on our website – beginning in early December 2015.

To join, please fill out the following questions.

If you prefer to join using snail mail, our mailing address is:

Global 24 Radio