Shortwave radio is a medium for the 21st century.

No other medium provides for global access of information on a handheld device without access to an infrastructure, satellite, internet connection or membership fee.

Global 24 will be broadcasting news, information & entertainment to the world 24 hours a day on our shortwave station on 9395 kHz. Shortwave receivers are still easy to get – most Radio Shack stores still sell them as do vendors like Universal Radio, Amazon and many more.

There are tens of millions of shortwave receivers in the world and millions of potential listeners at any hour of the day.  We recommend our listeners look at the following article on Online Radio.

Shortwave radio is very similar in signal quality to AM radio in the United States. The primary difference is the range of the signal.
On shortwave, expect the signal to be audible in a much greater area than a local AM broadcaster. Global24’s signals are heard
all across North America daily and at various points in the day and night in Europe, South America, Africa and parts of Asia.

Read a recent Defense of Shortwave Radio from a German publishing company.  Download it here: Defense-of-Shortwave

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